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The Holy Eye. William is internationally recognized for his innovative interpretations, continual discoveries about ancient gateways and human transformation


During over 25 years of research, I have pursued a startling but undeniable fact that throughout history and across widely diverse cultures, there is an absolutely seamless tradition of the existence of portals and gateways to the stars, which have been preserved in the art and myths of each era and place. Advanced beings that came from the light of the vastness of the Milky Way, and beyond, did so through these gateways. They left the secrets of a Star-Gate- Way – what I call the *Gate of Eternity - for us to discover.

In my quest to discover the secrets of this *Gate of Eternity I have searched museums, libraries and temples the world over to uncover and follow the visual code of the *Gate of Eternity.

What I discovered and brought to the world’s attention is truly amazing. That is, the symbolism used by the ancient Egyptians to depict their gods traveling the stars matches illustrations used by modern science to symbolize stargate and wormholes. Stargates or wormholes are cosmic gateways that theoretically link regions of the universe millions of light years apart and allow nearly instantaneous communication between these regions.


Isis ‘beams’ or ‘rayses’ (raises) Osiris who is wrapped in his tight-fitting Karast garment and is riding upon the Ark of the Millions of years. Denderah, Egypt


The resurrected Osiris walks (surfs) the Way of the Stars aboard his wormhole-shaped ship of eternity. For more images please see my Denderah Gallery


In my books and presentations, I have investigated the meaning of this extraordinary union of symbols. My research has led me to hypothesize that the ancients possessed advanced stargate technology and wormhole science. We are on the verge of reclaiming this sacred science. It will change everything.

In his book “Hyperspace” Michio Kaku ably demonstrates that the existence of higher dimensions and hyperspace is well grounded in scientific principles. Today’s theoretical physicists have clearly defined hyperspace, introduced the existence of “wormholes” or tunnels between dimensions, parallel universes and, theoretically, have postulated access to both the past and the future.

Most of these physicists are searching for ways to access hyperspace by a mechanical, third dimensional means. But myth and history relates that there has been an abundance of people who, through their minds and light body, have developed the ability to access higher dimensions. These people who knew the secrets of the *Gate of Eternity have been called prophets, seers, and diviners.

In my work, I have revealed a startling truth encoded in history’s ‘stargate art’. There once existed a high level of spiritual technology – a Stargate Metaphysics - incomprehensible until the present day that accompanies these gates that was known to these prophets and advanced beings. The goal of this metaphysics is to transform us into beings of light preparatory to traveling through the stargates of the gods as star beings or light beings. This is the original Revelation or Secret we are meant to discover. I have found and presented evidence of this Secret encoded in art and texts of ancient Sumeria and Egypt that is reflected in the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Islamic and other faiths.


Sumerian cylinder seal. C. 2300 B.C. The oldest human story, the Epic of Gilgamesh,is an immortality tale in which the Sumerian king is told he is 2/3 divine and 1/3 human. In order to enter the gate of the gods (as he is shown here) Gilgamesh must become whole, holy, complete. I believe the quest for holiness and the gate of the gods is the ‘epic’ or archetypal human quest


A rayed or shining god steps through a gate in this Sumerian cylinder seal


The Egyptian god, Sokar, stands in a gate or chamber and is transformed by the healing power of the goddesses on either side of the gate


Pyramidian. Cairo Museum




It was in the Shetayet, the so-called Tomb of God, that the Egyptian Osiris transformed into an ascended being

Did the ancients possess actual chambers that transformed them into divine beings? Are we on the verge of duplicating such a chamber? I believe it is more than possible.

It is more than a little interesting that an icon that resembles these ancient chambers in shape and in function has emerged in the modern mind: the phone booth. Hollywood and new science utilizes the phone booth to denote time travel, transformation, and travel via wormhole as in the example shown here from New Scientist magazine.

Why is it that the phone booth is used today to symbolize transformation or transfiguration into a higher being? Does it trigger the subconscious mind to think ‘transformation’ ala the ancient symbolism? Is there a ‘universal’ set of stargate symbols?




Michio Kaku says the earliest mention of teleportation is in the Bible. His book cover beautifully illustrates the connection between the symbol of the phone booth and wormholes.  Add the phone booth symbolism to an illustration of a wormhole and we “get it.”


The Transformation Chamber is composed of ankh (‘life’) and djed (‘stability’ symbols. Metropolitan Museum of Art


Osiris in the Transformation Chamber flanked by Djed pillars



Hindu Celestial Being flanked by pillars that are similar to the Egyptian Djed pillars.  Philadelphia Museum of Art



Celestial being in the gate. Philadelphia Museum of Art




Buddhist stupa. Philadelphia Museum of Art


A Buddhist relic. University of Pennsylvania




Fascinatingly, the phone booth is not only an accepted icon for time travel, but also for the transformation of humans into ‘super’ humans. Think of Clark Kent using the phone booth to transform into Superman.


Superman emerges from the Transformation Chamber.
Source: http://superman783.tripod.com/id5.html


Clark Kent passes by a ‘modern’ phone booth. It’s not the same as the old school version.


The connection between the phone booth, the stargate and transformation is extraordinary in light of the fact that one of the functions of a wormhole is to provide instantaneous communication.

The synchronicity of this symbolism extends the to the shape of the telephone itself which, when rotated, resembles a U-shaped wormhole.



The shape of the phone resembles the ‘In’ and ‘out’ of the wormhole.


The U shape of the wormhole resembles the shape of a phone.


As we dial into wormhole physics are we actually phoning an ancient home? Who is on the other end of this phone?

My research on stargates in ancient art, myth and texts has been documented in 16 books and numerous DVD programs, including the best-selling series “Stargate Mythology”. Listeners hear me weekly as the host of Revelations, heard on Whitley Strieber’s www.unknowncountry.com. I’m also a regular contributor on “Coast to Coast am” with George Noory where, for the last seven years, Mr. Noory and I have explored together some of the most powerful research and cutting edge concepts on the planet.

Topics investigated by William include: Stargates. 2012. Time travel. Disclosure. Conspiracies. Jesus’s ascension as a stargate event. Wormholes. DNA. Spiritual science. Healing. Spiritual masters. CERN. The Language of the Birds. DNA. Neuroscience. Nanotechnology. The God Particle. Rennes-le-Chateau, France. Ancient Egypt. Isis and the Osiris Device from Abydos. Mary Magdalene’s mastery of this device. The U.S. Capitol as a temple of Ascension. The Rainbow Body.


Can wormholes lead to time travel?


As I have documented, it is the loss of the secrets of stargates and our understanding of our potential – actually our inherent nature - as light beings that has brought great challenges to humanity. Reclaiming these secrets of the human light body and building the gate – individually and collectively - is a reachable goal and will transform us into the more advanced beings we seek to become… and already are within us.


Albert Einstein got it correct when it comes to change when he famously said, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Most omit the remainder of his quote, which says, “In order to solve our current problems the next human will have to emerge.”

The next human? Who is this being? Is the next human already here? How will we recognize this being? Are we the ones we have been waiting for? Or, is there a “spin off” human waiting to take the stage and take the next tremendous step forward?

Will we turn to technology to assist us in this leap? The bionic exoskeleton, a new skin with enhanced physical attributes, is rapidly emerging. So, too, is an army of mighty cyborgs patrolling a technological control grid. Will the light speed blending of man and machine result in the next human and a frightful new world order commanded by human-machine hybrids?

Or, hopefully, will we turn inward to tap our unlimited power? Will our path of transition lead us through the eye of the needle to a new dimension only the awakened eye of spirit can see?

In these times of accelerated change and uncertainty, one looks to prophecy and wonders if there are invisible, awakened - even ascended - next human beings, watching over us and, perhaps, guiding us with much needed instruction into the new, new world order, the enlightened state of mind so many traditions promise for our time.

Certainly, this is one of the core concepts in all the world’s mythologies and sacred traditions. Numerous traditions teach that a race of highly evolved humans inhabits the Milky Way. They are our ancestors.

Many of these traditions reveal that the next humans, known to adepts and initiates, are they who have succeeded in transcending human limitations and have scaled the cosmic ladder to heaven that leads to the center of the galaxy. They have transformed or “morphed” into light beings. These advanced men and women of various ages achieved or “perfected” the luminous garment of the liberated soul body. How did they accomplish this evolution? Where did they go? Can we join them? How? Answering these questions is our goal.



Throughout my work one finds images of a cloak or garment of light being transmitted from one person to another. This is the robe that initiates the transformation or metamorphosis into the next human.  Every spiritual tradition has a term for this robe or cloak of the illumined, the cloak of the Next Human.


Jesus is baptised by John the Baptist



The Transfiguration. Fra Angelico. Jesus wears the cloak of light


The Taoists call it "the diamond body," and those who have attained it are called "the immortals" and "the cloudwalkers." Yogic schools call it "the divine body." In the Old Testament it’s called the Cloak of Many Colors. In the Hermetic Corpus, it is called "the immortal body ". In the alchemical tradition, the Emerald Tablet calls it “the golden body."

Is this an actual garment? Or is it a metaphor?

The names assigned to the body of the Next Human describe its function, new skills and essence.

In Kriya yoga it is called "the body of bliss." In Vedanta it is called "the superconductive body." The ancient Egyptians called it "the luminous body or being". This conception evolved into Gnosticism, where it is called "the radiant body”.

In the Mithraic liturgy it was called "the perfect body ". The philosopher Sri Aurobindo called it "the divine body," and said it is composed of supramental substance.

The twentieth century Christian mystic, Teilhard de Chardin, called it "the ultrahuman."

Though every tradition discusses this version of the Next Human, few have achieved it. We have been programmed to deny our divinity. Hence, we do not embrace the incredible powers of the Light Body. Instead, we seek external power.

Now is the time for these keys to be revealed.  Join me on this quest for the secrets of the Next Human encoded in myth and incomparable art spanning the ancient and modern world. Our search for the Next Human is a search for what is possible for humankind. We are each a representative in this process. It is a transformative journey that connects us with a power latent within ourselves… the next human. It’s time for the next human to emerge.




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