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Do you have hope for the future of America?

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Freedom's Gate




What would it mean to discover that the U.S. Capitol is a temple of ascension, one that can be used to tap into a Higher Power? Today, it means everything!

Thomas Jefferson called the U.S. Capitol a temple dedicated to the sovereignty of the people. Its builders called it a “Temple of Liberty.” Indeed, the U.S. Capitol was intended as a sacred space, a temple for the people.

Now, for the first time ever, the profound meaning of the spiritual imagery and artwork of the Capitol is revealed. It has the potential to raise your consciousness and the consciousness of America to a new level.

Investigative mythologist and author, William Henry, takes you on a journey like never before. A true original work on the Capitol, co-authored with Dr. Mark Gray, Freedom’s Gate will change the way we look at the Capitol and challenge those who enter its halls to remember the sacredness of this place and of America.

No matter your belief system or religious affiliation you’ll find inspiration in the pages of FREEDOM’S GATE. It is for any one around the world who aspires to true Freedom. It contains a powerful vision for your future and for the future of America.

The seeds of universal wisdom of Egypt, India and Tibet that came to fruition in America unfold through hundreds of color pictures. This e-book is the best way we have found to immediately share this powerful inspiration.

A few of the things you’ll learn:

• The Dome of the U.S. Capitol is a mirror image of the Vatican Dome and was thought of as a recreation of Solomon’s Temple by its builders.
• The art of the interior corridors of the Capitol mirrors Vatican art.
• Higher Wisdom flows through the Capitol’s spiritual imagery and artwork.
• The bell-shaped Capitol Dome is a stupa that creates a vortex or field of energy that extends into the world.
• The Freemasons who built the Capitol viewed it as a ‘beehive’ buzzing with energy.
• Literally, we can alter this energy field by visiting the Capitol Dome and praying or meditating inside. This will raise the frequency of the Dome and the Capitol, helping to clear out negative or harmful energies.
This is the great secret of the Founding Fathers. They left us a bell to ring in times of distress. Let Freedom’s Ring!

More than just a Capitol guide, FREEDOM’S GATE is an investigation into profound spiritual mysteries and a way for you to tap into the higher consciousness and powerful wisdom of the enlightened masters and the Founding Fathers. Their words are plain, simple and intended to empower. The rare illustrations lift your spirit and elevate your mind.


The painting that exemplifies the transcendent beliefs of the Founding Fathers is Constantino Brumidi’s The Apotheosis of George Washington in the Dome of the Capitol. A former Vatican painter, Brumidi’s masterpiece portrays Washington deified, enthroned on a rainbow in a heavenly scene surrounded by Greek and Roman gods. We are the first to recognize that Washington is portrayed exactly like Jesus in Christian Last Judgment scenes. He is suspended in the heavens and drawing us there, as well.


The Apotheosis of George Washington


Washington enthroned on a rainbow with a sun gate behind him


Jesus enthroned on a rainbow with celestial beings all around him. Note the ‘sun gate’ behind him


We reveal, for the first time that:

• Washington sits in a gate of 72 stars, a ‘star gate’.
•  Each of the gods surrounding Washington corresponds with the elements of alchemy.
• These gods are arranged in the pattern of a pentacle, also called Solomon’s Seal.
• Brumidi encoded the sacred geometry of ascension in this painting.
• This painting is an ‘alchemical icon’ or meditation tool that can be used to raise your consciousness and spiritually transform our lives and even the destiny of America.


Authors William Henry and Dr. Mark Gray and The Apotheosis of George Washington with the pentagram and alchemical elements superimposed




The Apotheosis of George Washington with the Hexagram Star superimposed





The Apotheosis of George Washington with Metatron’s cube superimposed.
Meditate on this!


FREEDOM’S GATE addresses two fundamental and urgent problems. One, most people have no idea about the spiritual nature of the artwork inside the Dome of the U.S. Capitol (or what goes on inside the Capitol for that matter) and how it relates to the concept of true Freedom and Liberty.

Two, the Temple of Liberty has been sold. On April 29, 2009 Sen. Dick Durbin proclaimed, “the banks own the place”. He’s right. But it’s WRONG for anyone (other than the people of America) to own this temple. The blood of millions of men and women who gave their lives for America paid for our freedom and the Capitol. We honor their sacrifice with the red lettering (symbolizing blood) on the cover of Freedom’s Gate.

It’s time for the real owners to visit the U.S. Capitol and find out what’s really going on inside the Temple of Liberty.

It’s time to visit the “moneychangers” inside the Temple and let them know if you like what they’re doing. If you don’t like what they’re doing, well there’s always the path taken by Jesus. Throw them out!

Amidst the chaos, emptiness and the clear danger to the freedom of Americans, and all people of the world, there is hope. Open your mind. Open your heart. Open the door to the true spirit of peace, love, wisdom and power in Freedom’s Gate.



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What would it mean to discover that the U.S. Capitol is a secret temple of ascension, one that can be used to tap into a Higher Power? Today, it means everything!

Since its inception America was dedicated to the fulfillment of a high spiritual goal - the awakening, transformation and ascension of the individual to higher states of consciousness. That goal was hijacked by nefarious forces.  However, the secrets of ascension were secretly encoded in the U.S. Capitol, then called the 'Temple of Celestial Liberty'. In this presentation, based on his historic book, Freedom’s Gate: The Lost Symbols in the U.S. Capitol William Henry discloses the stunning symbolism, profound secrets and visionary (even otherworldly) message sealed in the U.S. Capitol. The day has come when awakened Americans must use their power and the secrets of the Temple of Celestial Liberty to reclaim America. William will connect you with a powerful and transformative vision for your future and the spiritually renewed America that will inspire and enliven you with its magnificence.



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