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The Kit


THE KIT: It's Time To Put The Pieces Together
Nashville, TN
September 22-23, 2012

For over 25 years William Henry has been on a mission to uncover the timeless and mystical ascension teachings (‘the missing pieces’) of an advanced tribe of human and celestial avatars preserved in ancient texts and artifacts. 

His findings, presented in his best selling and visionary presentations, Morph and Soul Rising, led to his 2011 breakthrough book, The Secret of Sion, in which he revealed evidence of a supernatural and miraculous ‘device’* he calls "the Kit" that was used by the most ancient and advanced aliens and avatars to transform humans into light beings and open gateways to the stars. The Kit is the ultimate secret device and power tool. Its rediscovery changes everything.

The Egyptians ‘made’ it.

Moses assembled it and used it as a healing device. Then, its pieces were scattered.

Mary Magdalene, Jesus and their Gnostic crew re-assembled the Kit and opened a stargate with it.

The Templars guarded its disassembled pieces.

Hitler sought it. So did FDR.

It is claimed the Kit will be displayed when the New World Order is in place as the symbol of their power.

However, the Kit is not theirs. The Kit is yours. It's ours.

WE must get it together before THEY** do.

That time is now.

Where is the Kit now? How do we reassemble it?

In this superbly illustrated presentation, William reveals the sacred mysteries and the ultimate secret of the Kit, as found in the world's traditions and sacred art. 

As the pieces of the Kit are discovered and assembled, William takes you to an exciting and completely new understanding of our potential. You’ll see precisely why the existence and evidence of the Kit has been kept secret.

Building on his astounding collection of ancient and encoded ascension art, William will cover subjects such as:

• Super advanced ancient aliens and avatars and their connection to the galactic core.

• The secret of the illumined heart.

• Stargates and ancient ascension science.

• The existence of a race of advanced and wise humans, called Perfect Light humans.

• Stargate 2012 and the Light Body Effect.

• Christ consciousness and our illumination/transfiguration by the sacred fire from the galactic center (called Sion by the ancients).

This is verifiable and authentic ascension teachings that will put the ultimate power device within your reach, if not your hands.

William Henry

In 1998, William broke the story of FDR’s quest for the Holy Grail and the portal to Shambhala.

In 2002, he broke the story of Saddam Hussein’s search for ancient stargate technology and predicted the U.S. would attempt to steal it.

In 2003, his Stargate 2012 DVD predicted the rise of wormhole consciousness in 2012.

In 2007, he connected the ancient Tibetan Rainbow Body tradition with the ancient Egyptian stargate metaphysics.

In 2009 he (along with Dr. Mark Gray) and Dan Brown co-incidentally decoded the U.S. Capitol as an Ascension Portal.

All of these discoveries have led William to the ultimate secrets of the Kit.

If you want to see the deepest secret of the Cabal revealed join us for a special two-day event in Nashville, TN, September 22-23, 2012.

No matter what happens from here on you will want the secrets of the Kit. It is the ultimate power and protection.

* Device: a tool, appliance, technology, plan, symbol.
** The so-called Illuminati, New World Order, the Cabal.


The peaceful setting of the Nashville’s historic Scarritt-Bennett Center and the gothic, Harry Potter-esque architecture, beautiful landscaped grounds and warm hospitality provide the perfect environment to connect with our spiritual selves and for an exploration of our profound potentials.



Plan to stay at Scarritt Bennett and enjoy the charm and quiet of this peaceful place. For room reservations go to their website, www.scarrittbennett.org/, or call 615.340.7500 .


SATURDAY, September 22, 2012

8:15 - 8:45

9:00 am – 2:30 pm
On Saturday, we’ll begin at 9:00 am with a 4-hour lecture (with coffee and group lunch break) by William Henry at Nashville’s historic Scarritt-Bennett Center in mid-town Nashville.


william henry


3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
A private tour of sacred Nashville.

We’ll tour Nashville, City of Secrets/City of Peace, in our air-conditioned coach. First, we’ll visit Nashville’s Parthenon, a scale replica of Athena’s Temple of Wisdom. Inside is the tallest indoor statue in the western world, a 42-foot tall statue of Pallas-Athena beaming in 24k gold. Some say she is the most beautiful statue they’ve ever seen! What most don’t know is that Athena holds one of the key secrets of the Kit.


The Parthenon


Athena inside the Parthenon


Next, we’ll head to the Bicentennial Mall or “Stargate Park”. This 2,200 foot long magician’s rod is a living temple of initiation similar to the Bodhi Tree of Buddha. It resembles the Hindu Meru axis or Ladder to Heaven. William expertly guides you through this ‘Tree of Secrets’ or ‘Rod of Enlightenment’. You’ll feel the Kit beneath your feet and come alive within you.


A long view of Nashville’s Stargate Park. This temple features ancient Egyptian temple-building techniques that make it a power spot that ranks with Glastonbury Tor and Karnak


William Henry teaching in the amphitheater of Stargate Park


SUNDAY, September 23, 2012

9:00 am – 1:00 pm.
Our adventure continues on Sunday morning.

In this 4 hour presentation (with breaks, of course) William will explore in detail the secrets of the Kit and his research into the human body as a resurrection tool for the soul, a ladder or Stairway to Heaven.



Participation in this one-of-a-kind event is limited to just 55 places to ensure personal attention and participation. Your conference fee includes lunch on Saturday, tickets to the Parthenon and private bus tour of sacred Nashville.

As William says, “the early bird gets the worm…hole”. Register by September 10 for the discounted price of $225.00.

Would you like to bring a friend or two? Buy 2 regularly priced tickets for $275 each and get one ticket free.

To register we accept Paypal, or call William at (615) 292-5397 for telephone reservations. As always, William is available by email at whenrytn@earthlink.net



Early Bird Special
Weekend Ticket for 1 person - $225 each

(this offer ends on September 10, 2012 after which tickets return to the regular price of $275)


Extra Ticket Offer
Buy 2 regular price tickets for $275 each and get a third ticket FREE. (That works out at $550 for 3 Tickets, or less than $184 for each ticket)





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